Book/Submission Stats – September 2013

I mentioned previously that I currently have a single completed manuscript (the one without unicorns). Well, for those of you who are interested, here is some information about that manuscript.

Due to the challenges I face as a writer, mentioned in my previous post, and how much work I had to do to overcome those, this book took me four years to complete. It’s not as though that was all I was doing during that time, but even so I completely rewrote the book twice before I felt it was ready to send to agents. Unfortunately, during that time the Dystopian bubble happened in YA, and while I consider my work to be Steampunk, it does have strong Dystopian elements. It seems as though that’s going to work strongly against me, but while I would love to get this book published, I think the more important thing is that I wrote a story that I was passionate about, that was outside of my comfort zone, and more importantly, that I finished. Still, isn’t every authors goal to eventually get published? It certainly is mine, so here’s a breakdown of how I’m doing.

Final Book Stats:
Finished July 25, 2013
Approximately 75,000 words
21 Chapters
270 Pages

Current Submission Stats:
Query Letters sent: 10
Responses received: 3
Requests for Partials/Fulls: 0

I haven’t been querying for long, and I know the process can take years. In the meantime I’m about a quarter of the way through my next manuscript, something a little closer to my writing origins of YA High Fantasy, and I’m very excited about it.


2 thoughts on “Book/Submission Stats – September 2013

    • Thank you very much! And yes, that’s certainly an option I’m considering. While I would love to someday hold my own book in my hands, I know that there’s a growing market for ebooks, and increasing opportunity for authors to transition between mediums, especially if they find success with self-publication.

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