Hello there, shiny new MS!

Well, I’m officially a terrible person and haven’t updated this blog in over a month. I know everyone has those periods where they just don’t have much to write about (and, come on, holidays), but the situation with me is actually the fact that I have been writing SO MUCH.

Because in the last four weeks, I finished my half-completed manuscript!

That’s right, I wrote half a book in a month. I have to admit that was awesome for me, considering that I also work a full-time job. It meant slacking off on crossfit, but. I finished my manuscript. You really can’t compete with that.

So I finished my manuscript. Now what?

Well, everyone does this part differently. But right now my rough draft is with my primary critique partner, and my husband is also giving it a read through. When they’re done, I’ll get notes from each of them, and the three of us will sit down and discuss the manuscript over drinks. Because that’s how we roll. And then the fun part starts – revising.

I love revising. As much as I like writing, I like revising even better. Someone once described theses two stages of writing as follows: Writing is like putting all the sand into your sandbox. Revising is when you actually build your sandcastle. And I think that’s absolutely true. When I’m revising is when I really see my characters develop, my plot lines connect, and the story flesh-out. It’s when everything finally comes together and my manuscript goes from being a rough draft, to starting to actually feel like a novel.

And I love it.

Right now, waiting for that first bit of feedback, is the hardest part for me. So I’m trying to distract myself by starting another book. Because evidently I’m insatiable.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday, and is looking forward to the rapidly approaching new year!