WIP Update

Today marks three months and one week since I started drafting my current WIP, LILY AND LION. And as of yesterday, I have a second draft with my CPs.

Guys, this is unheard of for me. Even pre-baby, even when my husband was in Afghanistan and I had nothing better to do, I never wrote that fast. My first book took me three years to write and revise. My second, still a solid year. This is only my third finished and revised novel, and the whole experience has been an utter whirlwind.

It certainly helps that this is not the first book I’ve written about these characters. As I mentioned in my last post, this book was a new story set in the same world as my second completed, revised, and queried novel, with the same cast of characters. But what’s more is that I really let go of my process with this book. I wrote the scenes out of order. I changed character motivations and backstory halfway through the book. I left huge passages to myself of [INSERT SOMETHING HERE]. And as a result, I had a first draft in two and a half months – while working full time, and taking care of my daughter in the evenings (I’m not saying this to brag, I just can’t’ believe it myself. I’m pretty sure I blew off a lot of important responsibilities and didn’t spend enough time with my husband. It’s something I have to make up for now.)

Since this has been such an all-consuming process, it feels a little strange to not be working on it. Luckily for me, I’ve got some research to do before I start draft three – namely on voice. Because this book also happens to be my first ever first-person manuscript, and not only that, but it’s also dual POV. So I’ll be focusing a little more on how to distinguish between my two characters in my next draft. And, of course, there are agents to research and a Synopsis to write and CP books to read in preparation for sequels/revisions. But I just have to say that right now I feel really good about this book, and I can’t wait until the day when I can share more of it with all of you.